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Election Results: 2023 Synod Assembly


Election results:
Number of votes cast: 203
Number of legal votes cast: 203
Number of votes needed for election (75%): 153
Rev. Dr. Donald P. Kreiss elected with 162 votes


Synod Vice President

Paul Archer. Hope, Dearborn. L/M

Synod Secretary

Sonja Markwart. All Saints, Hartland. L/F

Conference 2

Michelle Carlson. Pilgrim, Marysville. L/F

Conference 6

Wendy Schlueter Gomez. Revelation, Detroit. L/F

Conference 7

Maggie Priestaf. St. Paul, Dearborn. D/F.

Conference 8

Andrew Chavanak. Holy Trinity, Livonia. C/M

Youth (14-19 Years)

LeBlanc, Jakob. Hope, Dearborn. L/M.


Male Clergy

Joel Brandt. Prince of Glory, Madison Heights C/M.

Female Clergy

Diane Greble. St. John’s, Fowlerville. C/F

Lay Male

John Gayer Jr. Lutheran Church of the Master, Troy. L/M

Lay Female

Linda Dzbanski. Lutheran Church of the Master, Troy. L/F

Clergy Female

Kate Zywicki. Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Fenton. L/C


Male Clergy

James Fogle. Celebration, Westland. C/M.

Female Clergy

Susanna Muzzin. Amazing Grace, Warren. C/F

Lay Male

Alex Murray. Holy Spirit, Grand Blanc. L/M.

Lay Female

Roxanne Wenskay. Beautiful Savior, Bloomfield Hills. L/F.

Lay Female

Carol Terry. Holy Spirit Lutheran Church, Grand Blanc. L/F

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